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Silver Arts Festival 2019

Silver Arts Festival 2019


Silver Arts Festival 2019

Silver Arts Festival 2019

Silver Arts Festival 2019

It is with great pleasure to announce that we will be premiering our documentary ‘Dance Of the Ageing Body’ as part of the Silver Arts Festival 2019 today at the National Library!

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The documentary is a culmination of months of work where we follow seven seniors who participated in a 12-session Flamenco workshop. We get an intimate glimpse of the personal struggles they face and how Flamenco has influenced their silver years. This documentary is commissioned by the National Arts Council and will only be on exhibition from 6th September-29th September.

Do check the full exhibition out, share the love with your friends and family! Tag us at @creativesinspirit and tell us what you think!

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Dance of The Ageing Body

Dance of The Ageing Body

Dance of The Ageing Body

Dance of The Ageing Body

Dance of the Ageing Body

Supported by Creatives inspirit, @davelim.art shot and crafted amazing visuals for Dance of the Ageing Body. Unfortunately, this exhibit will not be shown as part of the Silver Arts Festival 2019 but we would like to share Dave Lim’s thoughts and artistic vision behind his work.

“As part of celebrating a new challenging phase of life participating and learning Flamenco; the outfits of the past in these pictures provide backstory of other proud, endearing phases of their own life. In part, As we age and go through different phases of our lives; we need to reconstruct our sense of self and identity.

The photographic work celebrates the different individual phases that we might have, examining the totality of life wedding photographer. It is in this hope that the Dance of the Ageing Body is another phase off their lives that they look back to and be fond of.” - Dave Lim


La Mariposa Borracha 2019

La Mariposa Borracha (2019)

La Mariposa Borracha 2019

La Mariposa Borracha (2019)


26 Jul - 28 Jul 2019
Now Showing At Gateway Theatre


-Tilly Wong, Flamenco San Fronteras


-Lydia Chiang


-Toh Hui Ran


Join Patient X as she escapes from the hospital to do her one last spectacular show with her troupe. Expect a roller coaster ride of emotions as X attempts to complete her mission encountering unexpected surprises, multiple failures, ridiculous dancing and one giant party!

A re-imagining of the original 2017 piece, La Mariposa Borracha (2019) features a brand new troupe with individuals from the caregiving community in this artist-led, community based performance.


Conceived and written by Shanice Stanislaus
Directed by Alvin Chiam
Designed by Aaron Yap, Liu Yong Huay, Jevon Chandra, Ng Yin Shian
Featuring Yazid Jalil, Dennis Sofian, Shanice Stanislaus, Tan Rui Shan as the Troupe
with the Ensemble played by Krish Natarajan, Nicola Kong, Andrea Joy Alingalan, Alvyna Han, Zalifah Ibrahim, Carol Ee, Prema Latha


Radin Mas

radin mas arts week

Radin Mas

radin mas arts week


As part of La Mariposa Borracha's Outreach, we worked with Radin Mas Community Club to share the joy of wellness through dance and movement. On 4th June 2019, we conducted two AnyBody Can Dance workshops at Radin Mas Community Centre as part of the Radin Mas Arts Week, inviting residents to build bonds and let loose through dance and movement!







Conceived by Shanice Stanislaus

Directed by Alvin Chiam

26 - 28 July 2019 Gateway Theatre Black Box, Singapore

Part of the Gateway Arts Festival 2019


The Story…

What happens when one decides to escape from the hospital for a brief hour to complete an unfulfilled wish?

Join Patient X with her performance troupe, Snider, Tommy and Z as she escapes from the hospital to do one last spectacular showcase.

Expect a roller-coaster ride of emotions as she attempts to complete her mission encountering unexpected surprises, multiple failures, ridiculous dancing and one giant party!


A few words from our director…

While rehearsing La Mariposa Borracha, I came across an article by a doctor who asked his patients who are terminally ill kids – what really matters in life?

From their replies, the doctor concluded these are what really matters:

Be Kind.
Read more books.
Spend time with your family.
Crack jokes.
Go to the beach.
Hug your dog.
Tell that special person you love them.
Oh…and eat ice-cream.

My take-home message from this article -

Amidst life’s transience and mortality, we can still be touched by the strength of hope and positivity.

This is my journey with Patient X. I’d like to share this journey with you.


Alvin Chiam


La Mariposa Borracha (The Drunken Butterfly)

Alvin Chiam has been actively involved in the Singapore theatre scene for more than 15 years as a performer, director and educator. Play, or Le Jeu, is a philosophy he adopts in his work. Strongly influenced by Philippe Gaulier and the late Kuo Pao Kun, Alvin believes that practising the arts must ultimately be about humanity and that it is a way of life.

Having graduated with distinction from E’cole Philippe Gaulier in 2009 with support from the Arts Professional Development Grant from the National Arts Council Singapore, Alvin subsequently pursued his Masters of Arts in 2013 at the Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance as an NAC Arts Scholar.


A few words from the creator…

Do you stop dancing when you become ill?

The work began as an investigation on the theme of the exhausted body. This a particularly relevant question to me both as someone who loves to dance while experiencing the impact of sickness taking a toll on my physical body. In the past three years, this issue struck me hard after losing dear friends and after watching them struggle with illness both physically and mentally. I then became curious to explore the effect of illness on the body, the relationship, almost like a dance-like battle with sickness and the fight to get better through movement and laughter.

Of course, I didn’t want this to be a show where we focus on the negative aspects of sickness instead I wanted to present the journey, the ups and downs, the surprises, the dissonance and the emotional roller coaster that often accompanies an illness. Sick people don’t need to be reminded that they are sick and hence, I wanted this to be an experience, almost like a painkiller.


This concept came about when I was in a clown class and was in immense pain but found laughter to relieve or distract some of that pain away. Supported by research showing the effectiveness of humor in pain relief, the art of clown became an important guiding principle for the writing of the show. This show would also not function without humor and a little party because often with suffering, I found it important to embrace the celebratory aspects in life.

After the first two years of writing and performing this work, I wanted to take it outside of my own personal experience. I wanted to find the communities where this story would resonate and present a narrative that belonged to a larger community. In the past year, the work has taken me to communities of individuals who experience physical illnesses, mental illnesses and their caregivers whose narratives have greatly informed the narrative of X and her troupe.

The research of the work also took me to the poorest of communities, from the Kibera slum in Nairobi, Kenya to the Battambang slums of Cambodia where illness was the everyday narrative of the individuals who live amongst unpiped sewage and piles of loose trash, with a constant exposure to cholera, typhoid, malaria and various diseases.


It was in my time in these communities in the past three years, I found the power of dance and community to keep everyone going despite the harshest of conditions in their poverty. Music and dance was the one tool that kept these communities together. There was often a communal celebration in response to the harsh reality of death and illness.

Even in interactions with terminally ill children and patients, the invention of an ‘escape’ to a lighter space was very prominent in our interactions. The imagination of a surreal fantasy, a celebration or even a party was often being mentioned. This work is a manifestation of this ‘lighter space’, a colourful madness in dissonance with the harsh, cold grey reality of an illness.

The root of this show is love. To find a love for life, for each other and even for ourselves, even at the roots of suffering that prevails in our lives. Illness is not always a downward spiral. It is a journey of many truths, it really is a roller coaster: we have the positive upward moments of really learning to treasure and love each other and the celebrations and it is also a downward slope of not just pain and sadness but of anger, frustration and oftentimes it can even be feeling nothingness. I hope by providing an insight into the mind of a sick person, the complexities of the emotions, that people may learn about how to respond and maybe what to expect.


This is not a narrative of an illness but this show embodies the illness itself and what it does to us, as the viewer. You may find yourself, laughing, singing along, dancing with us, but you may also find moments where you are unsure, scared, getting angry with us. And that myriad of madness, the mix of colours and emotions are my gift to you, to feel human with us and feel everything that I am about to give to you. Yours or someone else’s illness does not define you.

Shanice Stanislaus

Creator of La Mariposa Borracha (The Drunken Butterfly)

Playwright, Choreographer, Performer

Shanice Nicole Stanislaus is an artist who strongly believes in making the arts accessible through multi-disciplinary mediums. She believes in the power of arts empowerment for all and uses her role as a performer, creator and producer to create meaningful work for communities around her.

Her artistic practice is strongly influenced by her work with international directors and choreographers including esteemed Flamenco Dance Theatre practitioner, Antonio Vargas (Singapore), Broadway Jazz choreographer, Sue Samuels (New York)  and award-winning dance theatre director and choreographer Alberto Velasco (Spain).

She loves working with communities that have no access to the arts and her work includes developing and training new choreographers and dance instructors in impoverished communities internationally. As a licensed international Zumba instructor, she can be found instructing for Zumba classes from Singapore to Kenya and Cambodia, her work being supported by the Zumba Home Office and recognized by the United Nations.

She is the founder and director of Creatives Inspirit, a creative arts company with the mission to empower and nurture a community of socially responsible thinkers, artists, problem solvers and creative changemakers. With her team of fellow emerging artists and producers, she hopes to continue supporting communities around her, inspiring them that they too have a voice and an opportunity to create their own visions to reality. 

Shanice has a Bachelors of Arts with Honours from Yale-NUS College. She also has trained in dance and theatre in New York at Tisch: school of the arts, Stella Adler Studio for Acting, Broadway Dance Center and La Caldera in Barcelona. 

Her award credits include: Singapore representative for New Prague Dance Festival- Winner of Best Physical Theatre group, Best Folk and Most Popular Group (2013), European Union Short Documentary Award (2016) Guam International Film Festival (2016), Mallorca Film Festival (2017), Yale-NUS Alumni Arts Development Grant for the Performing Arts (2019).



In order of appearance:


Shanice Stanislaus X

Tan Rui Shan Tommy

Yazid Jalil Snider

Dennis Sofian Z


Andrea Joy Alingalan

Nicola Kong

Krish Natarajan

Zalifah Ibrahim

Alvyna Han

Carol Ee

Prema Latha


Outreach & Engagment

WHY SHOULD I CARE - Video Series


Natalie Christian Tan, Timothy Goh, Y.K. Riley, Timothy Seet, Jaisilan Sathiasilan, Tan Rui Shan, Lim Lishan, Hannah Elizabeth Rodrigues, Ira Jain, Roshan Singh

WHY SHOULD I CARE - Live Edition


Janel Ang, Roshan Singh, Jaisilan Sathiasilan, Y.K. Riley



Introduction to Le Jeu Led by Alvin Chiam

Anybody Can Dance Led by Shanice Stanislaus

Assistants Liew Zhi Hao

Ami Firdaus

Ziyad Baghrib

Dennis Sofian

Tan Rui Shan


Creatives, Production.

Publicity & Outreach

Concept / Writer / Choreographer Shanice Stanislaus

Director Alvin Chiam

Producer Michele Lim


Set Designer/Costume Stylist Aaron Yap

Lighting Designer Liu Yong Huay

Sound Designer Jevon Chandra

Video Cinematographer & Producer Jon Tan


Production/Stage Manager Nadya Gerhard

Technical/Assistant Stage Manager Hannah Elizabeth Rodrigues

Assistant to Technical Manager/Crew Ang Hwee Leng


Visual Communications Designer Ng Yin Shian

Marketing (Social Media) Designer Jon Tan

Outreach & Engagement Manager Janel Ang

Ticketing Manager Nadya Gerhard

Media support Lesha Mansukhani & Nadya Gerhard

Marketing & Outreach Support Ng Yuan Jie

Photography Dave Lim & Timothy Chua


Special Thanks

NYC Youth X

Arts Fund

National Arts Council


What Solutions - Whai Aun

Go Zest (S) Pte Ltd - Glennis

ADD 1 Resources Asia Pacific Pte Ltd- Wan Yi

Conduire Consulter Pte Ltd - Yvonne Wu

Atomy Singapore

Mr & Mrs Liew

Perfect Pix Camera & Video Pte Ltd

Dayal Khemlani

Wing Zone

Eastern Insurance

OSD Global Pte Ltd

Mr & Mrs Stanislaus


Lim Wei Zhen

Wendy Lee

Sarah Weiss




Anju Paul

Deborah Ang

Roshan Singh

Xiao Ting

Adam Lau

Isa Ho

Yin Shian

Christina Ho


Anthea Chua

Anshuman Mohan

Janel Ang

Mr. Desai

Suganthi Narayanasami

Staniz Stanislaus

Jessie Koh

Annie Sambhi

Heng Yeng

Michael James Anthony


Gateway Arts Ltd

CAD-IT Consultants (Asia) Pte Ltd - Florence Tan & Terence Chan

Wildfire Entertainment

Bukit Merah Community Club

Fortune Meadows B2B Pte Ltd

Dance Nucleus


Caregivers Alliance

Singapore Association of Mental Health YouthReach

Radin Mas Arts & Culture Committee

Media, family and friends

And all who have supported this production and the La Mariposa Borracha journey in one way or another.



Yazid Jalil (Snider)

 An actor and movement practitioner, Yazid is an alumnus of the Intercultural Theatre Institute and the École Philippe Gaulier (France). Notable theatrical works as a performer include: Displaced Persons' Welcome Dinner (2019, Checkpoint Theatre / SIFA), Underclass (2018, The Necessary Stage/ Dramabox), Four Horse Road (2018, The Theatre Practice), The Malay Man and His Chinese Father (2018, Akulah Bimbo Sakti/ International Theatre Festival of Kerala) It Won’t Be Too Long: The Cemetary (2015, Dramabox/ SIFA) and Charged (2010, Teater Ekamatra).

His works as an actor has earned him two Best Ensemble nominations and a Best Supporting Actor nomination at the Singapore Life! Theatre Awards.

Tan Rui Shan (Tommy Wildfire)

Rui Shan graduated with First Class Honours in the BA (Hons) in Musical Theatre Programme in LASALLE College of the Arts, and was awarded the Future Leader Scholarship during her course of study. Rui Shan’s theatre credits include Forbidden City Musical and Upstairs in the Sky by Singapore Repertory Theatre, Bunny Finds the Right Stuff and The Dragon’s Dentist by Playtime @ Esplanade, 1000 Millennials Crying at the M1 Fringe Festival 2018, Here and Beyond by Toy Factory, and Annie Ting and the Dragon at Pesta Boneka 2018 in Yogyakarta. 

Dennis Sofian (Z)

An actor and musician, Dennis’  theatre credits include Azdak in The Caucasian Chalk Circle, The Laramie Project (both SRT Young Co), Astrov in Uncle Vanya, Casca in Julius CaesarThe Unlucky Younger Brother, The Comedy of Errors, Her Naked Skin (all RCSSD), Prince Kazbeki in The Caucasian Chalk Circle (Engineer Theatre), Compson Sr./Reverend Shegog in The Sound and the Fury (Pleasance Theatre), And the Deep Blue Sea (Studio Festival). Dennis graduated from the B.A. Acting (Collaborative and Devised Theatre) course at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.

Krish Natarajan (Champion Man)

Freelance actor, Krish Natarajan is a co-founder of theatre company @Patchandpunnet and theatrical event company Strawberries Inc. An alumni from YOUNG&W!LD, Krish recently graduated with a first class in BA Acting from LASALLE College of the Arts. His performance credits include Requiem for Change (2018), Henry V (2018),  A New And Better You and The Disappearing Number (2019). Productions by Patch and Punnet since its debut show 2042 (2017) are Stupid Cupid (2018) and The Adventures Of Abhijeet (2019) which premiered at the Fresh Fringe Festival Singapore, which will be staged again at the Arts House from 23rd-25th August 2019.

Andrea Joy Alingalan (Ensemble)  

A versatile performer, Andrea acts for stage, TV and film. She has played major roles in the following theatre productions: Shakespeare’s Henry V, Book of Living and Dying, and musicals Urinetown, Fiddler on the Roof and Aida. Andrea was handpicked to be a storyteller for the International Storytelling STORYFEST Festival Singapore 2018. Her TV credits include Mediacorp’s Zero Calling, Rojak and a telemovie titled Rise. She has also appeared in advertisements for McDonald’s, Ministry of Culture Community & Youth, and Sentosa.

A recent graduate from LASALLE College of the Arts’ BA(Hons) Musical Theatre programme, Andrea is also a recipient of the LASALLE’s  Future Leaders Scholarship.


Nicola Kong (Ensemble)

Identifying herself as a dancer first, Nicola prides herself in being a multifaceted performer, having played roles from Shakespeare to Gorky. She has performed in arts festivals, national parades, and devised community theatre productions. Her latest works include Golde in Fiddler On The Roof, and lead role of Sandra in The Yellow Road, a short sci-fi film for Lenovo Singapore. Recently graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts' Musical Theatre Programme, Nicola is opened to opportunities and intends to explore the world of film and stunt acting. 

Zalifah Ibrahim (Ensemble)

Zalifah is a self-motivated professional who is currently on a short break from reality. She loves and feels so much for children. Since 2015, she initiated a yearly shoebox gift initiative to reach out to the underprivileged children from our local children’s homes with the generosity from like-minded sponsors. She enjoys solo backpacking and advocates that everyone should at least travel solo once in their lifetime. Being a part of La Mariposa Borracha makes her understand that there is a child in each and everyone of us, even if we are no longer a minor in the eye of the law. Life has its ups and downs, but we should not forget to laugh and face life optimistically. She endeavours to be a clown, and spread smiles near and far to those she comes into contact with.

Alvyna Han (Ensemble)

Alvyna Han is a Site and Team Administrator. Having thoroughly enjoyed the Le Jeu workshop conducted for caregivers, she wanted to experience being part of La Mariposa Borracha which is about Shanice’s journey. During the course of the project, Alvyna saw similarities between the story and her own journey – “We escaped, have friends who love and support us no matter what, had times that we wanted to give up but then got back up again as well as deep happiness when we could complete things we wanted and needed to.

This play is so real and dancing is so therapeutic!”

Carol Ee (Ensemble)

Having had so much fun playing at the Le Jeu workshop offered to the Caregivers Alliance Limited (CAL) last year, Carol said ‘yes’ immediately when invited by Shanice to be part of the La Mariposa Borracha project. A single parent of two children, Carol is a full-time working mother as well as a caregiver. Big realization from this experience – “I have lost the simple pleasure in life, which is play!”

Prema Latha (Ensemble)

Prema works in a library, and is a caregiver. Her interest in performance peaked after attending the Le Jeu and dance workshops conducted for CAL by Shanice and her team. Dancing is something she derives a lot of pleasure since childhood, and La Mariposa Borracha offers her this opportunity. The roller-coaster ride of emotions and experiences during rehearsals resonated with her as a caregiver. The characters and situations in the performance for her showed different sides and perspectives - windows for a person who is suffering to find joy in the depths of depression. She feels like there are many people out there who may feel that there is no escape in what they are going through. She would like to share -- "...it is a matter of finding that spark in your passion, and that can be a catalyst for recovery.”

Aaron Yap (Set & Costume Designer/Stylist)

Aaron graduated from LASALLE College of the Artsʼs BA(Hons) Technical Theatre programme in 2011, and has taken on various designer roles for different theatrical genres, ranging from Chinese opera, ballet, dance drama, plays and musicals. His more notable works to date includes: When We Dead Awaken (lighting design: Intercultural Theatre Institute, 2018), FRAGO (set design: Checkpoint Theatre, 2017), Fatimah and Her Magic Socks (costume and props design: The Esplanade Co. Ltd., 2017), Butterflies Awakening (set and lighting design: Sim Siew Tin Hokkien Opera Troupe, 2016), MOSAIC (set design: Take Off Productions, 2015), The Merry Widow (set design: Singapore Lyric Opera, 2014), Lucky Stiff (set and costume design: LASALLE College of the Arts, 2014), A Startling Dream (media design: Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Dance Theatre, 2014), and The Nutcracker (set and costume design: Singapore Dance Theatre, 2011).

Liu Yong Huay (Lighting Designer)

Yong Huay received the National Arts Council Arts Scholarship (Postgraduate) 2015 and is a graduate of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Master of Fine Arts in Lighting Design (June 2016). Selected theatre and dance-related projects she has designed for include, Fundamentally Happy (co-production by Nine Years Theatre and Esplanade), liTHE 2017-2018 (THE Second Company), It Takes All Kinds (Theatre For Seniors) and Excavations, a site-specific theatre piece at Singapore Art Museum (Ctrl Fre@k). In September 2017, she co-founded 微Wei Collective with Neo Hai Bin. She loves the collaboration of nature, space and art and wants to embark on creative projects that encompass these elements.

Jevon Chandra (Sound Designer)

Jevon Chandra is an artist and a sound designer. As a soloist and collaborator, he has exhibited projects regionally and internationally in Japan, London, Thailand, and India. His recent activities include participations in Esplanade Flipside Festival, NLB Read! Fest, and liTHE 2018 (with T.H.E Second Company), alongside sound design work for animations accompanying exhibitions in National Gallery Singapore. Through considerations in sound, space, and interpersonal relations, his art practice hopes to find better understandings and ways of caring and communicating—and having been in positions of needing care and needing to care, the chance to work on this show has been cathartic and timely.

Ng Yin Shian (Visual Communications Designer)

Shian is an independent illustrator and designer based in Singapore. She has a myriad of influences and interests, ranging from classic Disney animation to Japanese woodblock prints and the Polish school of Posters, resulting in an eclectic mix of styles. She has produced art for Metallica, Weird Al Yankovic, Bojack Horseman and Pizza Hut. 

Jon Tan (Video Cinematographer & Producer, Marketing (Social Media) Designer)

Jon Tan is a Cinematographer, Commercial Director and a Voiceover Artist. His work has hit the front page of Reddit, been featured on the New York Times blog and (almost) helped to send Singapore’s first man into space. He runs the production company, ROTOTORO, where he crafts funny videos that help brands sell products on the internet. You can find him online at www.JonTan.co because someone else bought the .com

Janel Ang (Outreach & Engagement Manager)

A graduate of both pioneering batches of Yale-NUS College and School of the Arts, Janel has worked in Rachel House (Indonesia), a paediatric palliative care organisation, facilitated inclusive programmes through art with Superhero Me, led a painting programme for stroke patients at NUH, and interned at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection (Italy). Her dog Pebbles has taught her love, fun and gratefulness. Her journey with mental health as both caregiver and care recipient has taught her patience, humility, and authenticity. She hopes to cultivate gentle practice, in life, art and relationships.

Michele Lim (Producer)

Michele  is an independent arts management consultant, educator and producer. Producing credits include 《六根不宁》I came at last to the seas (Esplanade Huayi Festival, The Theatre Practice 2018) ; garden•uprooted  (Arts Fission & The Philharmonic Orchestra 2018) ; Flying Dutchman by Richard Wagner (Richard Wagner Association & Opera Viva Ltd, 2016) ; Dark Room (Esplanade Studio Commission, Edith Podesta, 2016) ; Betwixt Festival (2016) ; Returning《回归》 (Singapore International Festival Of The Arts, Mdm Goh Lay Kuan, 2015) ;  Make it New- Celebrating 20 years of Arts Fission (Art Fission, 2014-2015), ;《望远行》MovingHorizon: A Nanyin Journey (Esplanade Huayi Festival Festival, Siong Leng Musical Association, 2014) and Dream Country: A Lost Monologue (Singapore Arts Festival Commission, Marion D'Cruz, 2012). 

Nadya Gerhard (Production/Stage Manager, Ticketing Manager)

Nadya’s interest in the arts began through dance; in particular through her training in classical ballet. She was exposed to technical theatre as she was performing on stage at the  School of the Arts Singapore. Furthering her studies at LASALLE College of the Arts’s Diploma in Technical and Production Management course, Nadya has taken on various roles such as Production Manager, Stage Manager and Lighting Operator. Theatrical productions she has worked on include Emily The Musical (Musical Theatre Limited), Being: Haresh Sharma (The Necessary Stage, in collaboration with Cake Theatrical Productions), FRAGO (Checkpoint Theatre) and Running with Strippers (Cake Theatrical Productions) ; The Jungle Adventure: A Romp on the Wild Side (Artbeatz, in collaboration with Mascots and Puppets Specialists), Dear Zoo, KidsFest! 2019 and Elmer the Patchwork Elephant (ABA Productions). 

Hannah Elizabeth Rodrigues (Technical Manager/Assistant Stage Manager)

Driven by a passion to work in the Music, Arts and Entertainment industry, Hannah started off as a Film student in ITE, where she was recruited into an Alternative Pop/Punk band. Deciding to get a different perspective of the Entertainment industry, she changed her specialization from Filmmaking/Cinematography to Technical and Production Management where she found interest in set building, prop making, lighting, and most recently, stage management. Productions she has been involved in as an Assistant Stage Manager since graduating from LASALLE College of the Arts are《我的 妈妈是 ENY》Super Mommy  (Singapore, May-June 2018) and  Musical TARU (恐龙复活了!)  (Taiwan, November 2018-January 2019). Hannah’s first love and aspiration is to be a vocalist.


La Mariposa Borracha Outreach Initiatives

With a belief in the power of the arts, and the desire to share more about Le Jeu and dance creation to more communities in Singapore, Shanice, Alvin and the team conducted introductory arts workshops for parents and caregivers of young adults with special needs from Harmony Community Choir, caregivers from Caregivers Alliance, Singapore Association of Mental Health and residents from Radin Mas as part of Radin Mas Arts Festival.

Besides introducing Le Jeu and dance to the participants, it is hoped that the experiences and skills shared at these workshops will help individuals who experience illness and caregivers build a sense of community, hope and strength to bring into everyday life.


‘Le Jeu’ workshop

Le Jeu is a form of theatre that uses play to discover yourself and your inner child, to build resilience, find respite amidst life challenges and achieve self-care. In the workshop, the pleasure of play is experienced through games and exercises, and is full of fun and laughter accompanied by a supportive atmosphere.

Activities and exercises learnt in the workshop can be linked back to everyday situations on how to use laughter to find a renewed sense of purpose especially in difficult times.

The free expressivess and spirited movements are a good platform for our youths (to be themselves, to know themselves better).
— SAMH YouthReach Coordinator


‘AnyBody Can Dance’ workshop

A strong advocate for bringing dance to all kinds of bodies, Shanice believes in the power of dance and play in therapy and wellness. In ‘AnyBody Can Dance’, she introduces dance creation and learning as a new way of expression. Le Jeu techniques are used as a form of engagement through dance, to inform the dance-making process as well as to bring out the individuality of each participants.


Caregivers Alliance

Connect with People even if you just got to know them. Learning the art of living with struggles, time for ourselves to strengthen our lives in order to give back to others
— Teo Soh Ghim (Caregivers Alliance)


Harmony Choir

The fun, laughter - enjoyable.
— Karen Yeo (Harmony choir caregiver)


La Mariposa Borracha Outreach Initiatives

WHY SHOULD I CARE? is an engagement programme created in conjunction with the production of La Mariposa Borracha. It is an outreach initiative by youth, for youth, to encourage open dialogues about coping with illness.

The dialogue comes in two platforms :



This series features 10 young people living with illness as caregivers or patients sharing their ‘life hacks’ for coping, answering questions like “what sort of ‘help’ isn’t helpful?” or “what do you wish your loved ones would do in times of illness?”. Their candid responses are spread across a 6-part video series that is aired on Creatives Inspirit’s Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and website. Check it out at www.creativesinspirit.com/wsic



This is a 2-hour interactive sharing session facilitated by 4 young caregivers and youths living with illness. Through games, movement, writing and meditation, they share creative strategies in dealing with challenges that come along with the journey of illness. The session is structured around the 5 stages of grief in the Kübler Ross model and aims to build community amongst fellow youth caregivers and patients in sharing creative tools for self-care.

...a refreshing concept that incorporated games and movement within a sharing session…
— Sow Jeng Teng
[A] Heartwarming initiative to better understand the journey of persons who experience illness or are exposed to it.
— Shayne Quan

Life is short. Live, dance and be ridiculous. Don’t take yourself too seriously and perhaps, every moment will be fantabulous. Laughter doesn’t cost a single cent. And smiles are free.
You be you and I’ll be me
— Yazid Jalil
There are so many things out of our control in life - illness, death, time. But being with the ones that I love and holding on to the things I know to be true make going through the randomness of it all a lot easier and a lot more fun too.
— Dennis Sofian
llness do not define the individual. Unfortunately, when illness strikes, caregivers focus foremost on the illness and their loved ones take a secondary position. Though it is a painful journey, I believe we can grow together and be present for our loved ones during this trying time. My greatest takeaway from the show is that those who are unwell are just like you and me. There is no difference between them who are unwell and us who are healthy. Every one of us have our dreams and ambitions. It doesn’t mean that though they are unwell, they should be deprived or short-changed from leaving their legacies.
— Zalifah Ibrahim
Illness = a journey that the ill n the caregivers cannot do alone.
Thoughts about the show: how will i be when illness hits me?
— Alvyna Han

In loving memory of the beautiful souls who have fought the good fight and continue to leave their legacy in our lives.


La Mariposa Borracha

La Mariposa Borracha (2017)

La Mariposa Borracha

La Mariposa Borracha (2017)

My body is now beginning to be falling apart, but I will do it to the end.

Marina Abramovic


LA MARIPOSA BORRACHA is a whimsical dance theatre performance designed to explore the journey of personal illness. Inspired by the theme of the exhausted body, the narrative of the performance sought to explore movement in the context of the slowly deteriorating physical body of the dancer. In its conception, the performance is an immersive audience experience guided by the principles of dance theatre and clown. The performance is an episodic journey of Patient X as she escapes from the hospital for one brief hour to do one last spectacular showcase with her troupe. This performance aims to entertain people through a spectacle while causing the audience to introspect about sickness and pain through the lens of humour.



Do we ever stop dancing?


Do we ever stop dancing?

This was the first question that the project begun with. I wanted to investigate the idea of a deteriorating body in the dance world, inspired primarily by my own experience with illness as well as witnessing other friends’ journeys. Marina Abramovic writes, ‘My body is now beginning to be falling apart but I will do it to the end.’ Having watched many dancers struggle with keeping up their craft while pushing their body to extremities, I wanted to address this particular narrative. Before the conceptualization of this performance, I had worked on a documentary film, ‘Refugi’ that aimed to show that any body type is able to move. The documentary was an impetus to this project as it showed everyone has the potential in them to dance. Jerzy Grotowski writes, ‘We feel that an actor reaches the essence of his vocation whenever he commits an act of sincerity, when he unveils himself, opens and gives himself in an extreme solemn gesture and does not hold back before any obstacle set by custom and behaviors. Hence, taking my experience of the exhausted body and the findings of the research done for ‘Refugi’, it became important to present a sincere narrative, my journey of being sick.






Patient X escapes from the hospital for one brief hour in order to do one last spectacular showcase with her performance troupe, 'La Mariposa Borracha'. The show revolves around the episodic journey of Patient X as she explores the different emotional stages that a sick patient goes through: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance, littered with the actual spectacular showcase. At the heart of the show, it aims to portray the ups and downs: the dissonance between the sickness and the spectacle of the show. Combining the principles of clown and dance theatre, the show is designed to be a painkiller while wrestling with the theme of the exhausted body. Look forward to ridiculous dancing, bad jokes and one giant party!

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It all started when…

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Director's Message

Director's Message

Director's Message

Director's Message

Shanice Nicole Stanislaus, Director of La Mariposa Borracha

Shanice Nicole Stanislaus, Director of La Mariposa Borracha

LA MARIPOSA BORRACHA translates as the drunk butterfly in English from Spanish. It was a nickname given to me when I was working on a show in Barcelona. Perhaps, the nickname came as a form of endearment but it also embodies the perspective of how my cast mates in Spain saw me as a dancer without inhibitions. 

The project began as an investigation on the theme of the exhausted body. This is a particularly relevant topic to me both as someone who loves to dance while experiencing the impact of sickness taking a toll on my physical body. In the past year, this issue struck me hard after losing dear friends and after watching them struggle with illness both physically and mentally. I then became curious to explore the effect of illness on the body, the relationship almost like a dance-like battle with sickness and the fight to get better through dance. 

Of course, I didn't want this to be a show where we focus on the negative aspects of sickness instead I wanted to present the journey, the ups and downs, the surprises, the dissonance and the emotional roller coaster that often accompanies an illness. Sick people don't need to be reminded that they are sick and hence, I wanted this to be an experience almost like a painkiller. This concept came about when I was in a clown class and was in immense pain but found laughter to relieve or distract some of that pain away. Supported by research showing the effectiveness of humor in pain relief, the art of clown became an important guiding principle for the writing of the show. This show would also not function without humor and a little party because often with suffering, I found it important to embrace the celebratory aspects in life. 

Having travelled around the world to work and train on different dance and theatre projects, I found myself questioning my own creative style and how I would want to watch a performance. In these reflections, I felt that I wanted to challenge the performance viewing process. In my own experience, I didn't want to just be an audience member watching a performance passively, I wanted to be engaged and if an artist could engage me beyond the conventional means of just watching a performance, I was sold on the show. Hence, with this project, I often questioned how I would like my audience to receive the show. The role of the audience became my top priority in making my creative decision, how can I best challenge them, surprise them and give them a show that they might not expect what might come next. 

This project has been one whirlwind of a journey but I am thankful to present a piece of myself through the show. I sincerely hope you are entertained but in the heart of it all, this show is dedicated to those who suffer and who have suffered with all kinds of illnesses: that you may find that you're not alone in your suffering. 










In the Tropical Arts Club, we speak to Creative Professionals about their often unconventional personal and career journeys. Along the way we find answers to common questions like:

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Listen to their stories and peek into the secrets and truths of creative industries... and maybe, you'll find out if the artist's life is right for you. Please support us by subscribing to our YouTube channel and giving us a follow on Instagram @TropicalArtsClub

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In July 2017, the Creatives Inspirit tribe was invited to present for TEDx Pickering Street 2017 at the ArtScience Museum. Entitled, ‘Play, Don’t Perform’, the presentation explored the use of play in real-life situations and the ability to use our mistakes to take the pressure to perform. By drawing parallels with clowning, the presentation hoped to encourage more individuals to approach their work with the spirit of play in order to build better mental health and creativity in whatever field of profession they may be in.

Watch our full presentation below and keep a lookout for our La Mariposa Borracha crew!

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