"Hey Shanice, I watched your show today and it was amazing, really one of the most moving things I've watched in a while, I felt like for the first time in a long while it made me let go of my inhibitions and fears and want to move forward with myself and be strong and put my pain behind me. Thank you for such an amazing performance - so much of you went into it and it was funny, sad, thought provoking, soulful and really, really fun all at the same time. I really think you have a gift and that performance was really really good for my soul."


"Shanice fills the rehearsal room with passion and positive energy. She paid close attention to each dancer's personal style during auditions, and wove what we could do naturally and comfortably into her choreography. Like her show's message overall, this was a step toward individualized inclusivity of her dancers. Most of us were amateurs, and she did not ever make us feel "less than" for that fact. This show tackles illness with openness and honesty, and everyone involved was urged to think about someone suffering before each performance. I feel so lucky to have been part of such a brilliant production."


"Hi Shanice, I just want to say what an incredible show that was!!! I haven't enjoyed a show this much in such a long time, it made me laugh and it made me cry and I thought it was so wonderfully powerful. The bit that really had me crying like a baby was when you and Ami were standing in the spotlight as the doctors were saying all these things and he was panting so heavily and so exhausted from bringing you all the balloons to comfort you and it made the suffering of loved ones supporting a sick one just so incredibly palpable for me -- the two very intense yet so different forms of suffering represented in you and Ami was just ahhhh. Thank you so much for this beautifully vulnerable and remarkably powerful piece, I really hope you put it up again so I can tell more people to go to it!"


"I was very privileged to have space to freestyle in the dance battle. I initially fell to pre-scripted dance moves. But the last two performances I challenged myself to do moves I had not done before. I can’t exactly remember what I did. Almost as if I fell into a trance. I felt most confident performing when I wasn’t self conscious. I was comfortable during the dance battle and dance finale when I was in the midst of the ensemble. But when I became self-conscious and saw myself in recordings of the performance, I lost much of my confidence. During the performance I deliberately sought to throw myself into the company of others to hide from myself. Perhaps sickness is the same, to throw yourself into the company of others and for a moment, forget that you are the hosting suffering. What felt encouraging to others did not necessarily feel comfortable to me. Sitting through the strongman encouragement (Mr. O’s monologue) was physically difficult for me, I fidgeted and cringed through all the runs and had to fight the urge of bringing my phone to distract me. I’ve heard similar encouragement in my life, and it felt idealistic and patronizing. I agree with his speech that pain can be productive, but from personal experience fighting depression, pain is a permanent state, and it’s easier to succumb to it than fight and get out of it."


"SHANICE! What a wonderful show tonight. It brought me so much joy to see the beauty and tragedy and color and love that you have pulled from your art. Your show made me so so so happy, happier than I've been in a long time. Thank you so much! It was breathtaking, so sensual and provocative, it made me so uncomfortable I love it!"


"Hey Shanice! Caught your performance today and I got to be honest with you. It was truly beautiful; how you weaved joy into what seemed to be a dead end for people who suffer from illnesses. Lost a couple of friends to different illnesses the past year and your performance resurrected their spirits for me. Thank you! Almost cried and you have touched the hearts of many in the audience seats tonight. So genuine and heartfelt. I hope you keep doing what you are doing and I look forward to seeing more great things from you."


"Brought me laughter and warms my heart that it brings awareness about illnesses and pain. All of you did so well. Great job! Really a very good script, very entertaining, very unpredictable plot, surprises were effective."


"Great job on stage just now Shanice! You were so vibrant and full of life when performing, which only contrasted the painful moments even more! I especially loved the song choice of dancing queen, and the ending verse with your departure was really poignant."


"Shanice, that was one of the most beautiful plays I have ever seen. Thank you. I will be thinking about La Mariposa Borracha for a very long time."


"Congrats, Shanice! Nos encantó tu obra de teatro. ¡Eres fenomenal!"


"Hi there! Just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for a lovely evening. You have taken on a gargantuan project, and made it happen! I love your choice of music, and how you use it with great effect! And for involving the audience, and making us hurt and laugh with you. This is just the beginning of many great things for you! Also, thank you so much for dragging your tired body to class every Saturday despite it all! God bless you!!"


"Thank you, Shanice, for some of the happiest moments in a long while. La Mariposa Borracha was a painkiller for the soul and I hope you are proud of it."


"Shanice, your show was so incredibly powerful and beautiful. Just wanted to thank you for sharing your amazing gift with us all."


"Shanice!! Just wanted to say that I'm so happy for your performance. It was heartfelt, genuine, and my emotions went on quite some ride. I'm so glad I came. Have a good rest!!"