Creatives Inspirit hosted a series of theatre education workshops by New York-based performing arts veterans, Angela Pietropinto and Karen Braga in May 2018. Both instructors have years of experience teaching (NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Yale School of Drama) and practicing their craft across television, film and the stage. You can read more about them here.


Intro to Comedy

Discover freedom and joy in this playful exploration of comedy. Funny, sad, mad and the many faces of comedy will delight actors as they learn the skills of comedy. The workshop will focus on the exploration of clown and comedy work through text and the use of improvisation.


Your Monologue and You

The workshop focuses on how to bring your authentic self to the text and breathe life into the character. In this workshop we will focus on breath and the result will be a monologue that works for you in auditions.  The workshop will explore the Alexander Technique, the anatomy of breath and monologue-centric exercises for actors to use in their own practice. Suitable for all looking to improve monologue work and is recommended for those hoping to improve their audition process.


On-Camera Auditions

The workshop focuses on teaching actors how to audition for film and television. In this workshop, everyone will be on camera twice and be sent a copy of their work. The workshop will explore breath and body for the camera, scene analysis with individual coaching while on set. Recommended for actors looking to work for film and individuals interested in pursuing a film career to understand the dynamics between camera and the actors.


School Masterclass

This workshop is designed for students interested in pursuing theatre as a career or for higher education. The session will cover basic introductory work to the Alexander technique, teaching the importance of breath, spinal alignment and awareness for the individual, and the translation of that into film or stage work.